TR BBQ XIV: Last call, folks!

Okay boys and girls, I'm going to keep this very simple. The TR BBQ XIV is tomorrow, and if you have even a snowball's chance in Beelzebub's joint to attend... be here or be square. I'm already in situ (and plain loco after the intercontinental trip), laptop in hands, and mentally preparing myself for the horde of gerbils set to arrive between today and tomorrow.

TR BBQ XIV: Now with extra pretty

Our host Dr. "Colton Westrate" Fish has gone out in his fish-mobile to fetch two young gerbils that will be attending the festivities, and in a few hours I'll probably be joining SHOES in the careful (ha!) acquisition of fireworks to light up the sky above Lake Michigan. I wonder exactly how many of those we can fit in Captain Ned's potato cannon for a little extra kick in the pants.

About at two o'clock in front of me sits a big pile of non-descript cardboard boxes. You'd think that they contain a bunch of paper plates and napkins, but oh no, there's much better loot in there. What I'm looking at, sirs and madams, are the containers for Corsair and Tunai's giveaway haul. All told, we're easily looking at over $3000 worth of hardware here. If the world-famous meat cooked by the Mother of Ribs and Queen of the Barbeque zgirl aren't enough to get you to attend, perhaps the prizes might win you over.

How do you like them grapes? One of these might be opened at the BBQ. Only one way to find out!

Well, I've blabbed enough already. If you're looking to come, reach out to drfish in the forums and get your travel going. Over & out.

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