Viking UHC-Silo SSDs put 25 TB or 50 TB in business-friendly homes

Do you have a big pile of data that you can't bear to put on moldy old spinning platter hard drives? If you have the cash, Viking Technology's 25 TB and 50 TB Ultra-High Capacity Silo Series SSDs should fit the bill. The Silo drives are built on a large-for-an-SSD 3.5" form factor and sport dual-port SAS interfaces. If you hadn't already guessed, these drives are primarily for large businesses with even larger storage needs.

The UHC-Silo drives use planar MLC NAND to deliver 500 MB/s sequential read performance and 350 MB/s writes. Random performance rings in at 60K IOPS for reads and 10K IOPS for writes. Viking says typical power consumption is 16 W. The company rates the Silos for a single drive write per day for five years, which translates to over 45 PB for the 25 TB model and 90 PBW for the 50 TB drive.

Viking didn't provide pricing information for the drives, but the company told Anandtech that the Silo Series SSDs will be priced around $0.40 per GB. Napkin math leads to a price tag around $10,000 for the 25 TB drive and $20,000 for the 50 TB drive. Seagate's upcoming 16 TB models are the largest mechanical hard drives we have heard a manufacturer discuss out in the open, and most SSDs are far smaller than even the less capacious of these two drives. Businesses with a hankering for high-density and relatively low-latency storage could find the UHC-Silo drives just the ticket.

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