Asus VP28UQG marries 4K and FreeSync in a budget display

If you find yourself in the curious position of needing a 4K gaming monitor and not wanting to pay a lot for it, Asus might be able to hook you up. The company just updated its site with details for a new display, the VP28UQG. Like the MG28UQ before it, this monitor is a 28" display with a 3840x2160 resolution. It boasts a 1-ms response time courtesy of its overdriven TN panel.

The most common qualification that marks a monitor "for gaming" is high-refresh-rate support, and as a 4K monitor (without support for G-Sync HDR or FreeSync 2), the VP28UQG doesn't have it. It does support FreeSync, though, with a 40-to-60-Hz range of similar 4K gaming displays like my LG 24UD58. Asus specs this monitor for a 300 cd/m² brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio, meaning both it and the MG28UQ are likely very closely related in both their panels and backlights.

Despite listing the monitor with 10-bit color support, Asus doesn't elaborate on its gamut. The VP28UQG drops the speakers and USB 3.0 hub of the MG28UQ, and it also adopts a more restrictive stand with only tilt adjustments. However, as a newer model, it swaps the HDMI 1.4 input of the MG28UQ for a second HDMI 2.0 input. That brings the final tally to two HDMI 2.0 jacks and a DisplayPort connection.

We don't actually know how much Asus plans to ask for the VP28UQG, but given the downgrades versus the MG28UQ—and its "V"-series branding—we expect it to be a fair whack cheaper. The MG28UQ goes for $430 at Newegg right now, and AOC's very similar U2879VF is on sale right now for $280 after promo code, so Asus' new baby will probably slot in somewhere between those two numbers.

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