Doom 6.66 update brings free DLC and a multi-platform free weekend

Doom came out in May of 2016 to almost universal critical acclaim, and Id Software has continued to update the game regularly since then. Today, update 6.66 drops, bringing what Id is calling the "ultimate" Doom experience. Along with several fixes to multiplayer and SnapMap, there are a few big things worth making note of. Most importantly, all multiplayer DLC is now unlocked for all players. "We've retired the Doom season pass and are making all of the multiplayer DLC content free to all players," writes Doom Game Director Marty Stratton. "That's three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine of our best maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets and more." That's on top of free features like bot support that players are already enjoying.

Also on the "free stuff" front, Doom is getting a free weekend across all platforms. For us PC kids, the free weekend starts on July 20—that's tomorrow—at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. Xbox users can check out the game on July 20 starting at 1 PM ET, while PlayStation 4 players will be able to play on Thursday, July 27, starting at 12:00 PM ET. During these time periods, the game's first two campaign levels will be available for tire-kicking, and the multiplayer and Snap Map modes are available in their entirety. If you should happen to like what you see during this time, any campaign, multiplayer, or SnapMap data will be retained when you buy the game.

The team has also revised the multiplayer progression system. Instead of unlocks being a randomized dice roll, you'll now be able to unlock items through specific leveling requirements and in-game challenges. You can build your perfect Doom Marine instead of hoping you get the right chestplate next time you level. Longtime players will want to know that their levels will be resetting to zero. You can choose to keep your unlocked items, though, or reset those, too, if you like. Veteran players will be getting a special badge, and those who have reached maximum Slayer level will be getting their own badge, too. Also coming to the game with this update are an all new Runes system for multiplayer, an overhauled in-game HUD , and a series of minor imenu improvements to better illustrate player status.

Best of all, though, is the pricing to celebrate that devilish version number. During this free weekend, the entire game will be available for $14.99 US, including the campaign, arcade mode, and all that DLC and multiplayer content. That applies to digital puchases of the game through Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. If you don't already have Doom, $15 is a steal. We'd encourage giving the game a shot and maybe even picking it up while you don't have to sell your soul for a copy.

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