Geil de-blings its Evo Spear memory modules

Some folks like their memory with large heatspreaders. Some like to go even further with colorful RGB LED-illuminated modules. Peacock-like DIMMs can add some flair to a certain kind of PC build, but not everyone seeking performance wants something so flashy. Geil's DDR4 Evo Spear memory kits are designed for buyers seeking performance with restraint. The company will offer single, dual, and quad-channel kits tailored for AMD or Intel platforms. The Spear modules' standard-height heatspreaders have a tasteful black finish.

Geil claims the Spear kits for AMD systems have been tested for compatibility with Ryzen CPUs. They come in five speed grades ranging from 2133 MT/s all the way up to 3200 MT/s. Individual 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB modules will be available, though 3200 MT/s sticks top out at 16 GB. The 3200 MT/s dual and quad-channel kits are made of different combinations of 4 GB and 8 GB modules, but slower kits assembled from 16 GB DIMMs are also available. 

The Intel kits start at the same 2133 MT/s base rate, but Geil will offer seven different speed grades for the blue team, topping out at 3466 MT/s. As with the AMD-specific Spear memory, the highest speed grade is not available in the largest capacity.

Geil didn't provide pricing information for the DDR4 Evo Spear memory modules, but TechPowerUp says bling-averse builders of standard-sized and mini-ITX systems can expect to find the memory on shelves by the end of July. 

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