Corsair RMx White Series PSUs take a walk on the snowy side

Getting everying color-coordinated in your case can be a headache. Even a pretty basic color like white can leave you at a loss to find the right parts to build that perfect-for-YouTube case. Even if there is a power supply in the right color, for example, it might be way overpowered for your build. We welcome any new entry that gives us a bit more choice in that respect, including Corsair's new RMx White Series power supplies. The new finish is available on the company's RM850x 850W and RM750x 750W PSUs for now.


You might remember the white RM1000i limited-edition PSU we gave away last fall. The RMx series is a pretty similar beast, but with a more appealing price tag, better availability, and more mainstream features. Like the 1000-watt edition, the RM850x is an 80 Plus Gold-certified, fully modular power supply featuring a 135-mm fan, a semi-passive fan mode, and dimensions of 5.9" wide, 3.4" tall, and 7.1" long (150 mm by 86 mm by 180 mm). Compared to the RM1000i, though, it does lose a few features (mostly because of its lower wattage). It offers fewer Molex, PCIe and SATA connectors, though eight Molex connectors, six PCIe connections, and 10 SATA power connections is still generous. The RM750x offers seven Molex connectors, four PCIe power plugs, and eight SATA connectors. The RMx series also drops Corsair Link support, which offers a USB hook-up for the monitoring and control of the PSU's vitals on the RMi series. Instead of a fluid dynamic fan, the RMx uses a rifle-bearing fan.

On the aesthetic front, the fan inside the RMx White series is a light gray unit instead of the white LED-lit fan featured in the RM1000i limited edition. Corsair still includes a set of individually-sleeved white cables done up in paracord with the RMx White series, as well as the cable combs fussy builders will want to use to keep those individual wires neat.

One welcome change from the RM1000i is a good $30 or more off the price tag off the white RMx series. Instead of the $199 price tag the RM1000i Limited Edition commanded, the white RM850x is going for a slightly-more-attainable $169 at places like Newegg. The white RM750x, meanwhile, goes for $149.

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