Adata D16750 power bank is tougher than the average juice pack

There are plenty of power banks on the market these days, as battery life for mobile devices still isn't quite a solved problem. However, many of them aren't built to survive the kinds of environments where many owners would seem most likely to take a power bank. Adata's D16750 Power Bank fills this niche by providing an enormous battery inside of a chassis that's designed to take a beating and keep on charging.

Adata designed the D16750 power bank to survive environments more dangerous than a purse or briefcase. Its chassis is constructed of aluminum and silicone, and the company claims it passes IEC IP67 requirements for dust and waterproofing. This means that the bank meets the highest IEC standards for dust resistance, and it can purportedly survive being dunked in one meter of water for half an hour—provided that the cover for the USB ports is closed firmly.

At the heart of the D16750 is a 16750-mAh Li-ion battery constructed of power cells from LG. Together, the device's two USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously. One port is capable of outputting 2.4A, and the other 1.0A. Adata claims that the battery can recharge even the largest smartphones up to five times. The bank is further capable of charging its own batteries while juicing up a connected device. That big battery also powers the device's LED flashlight. All of these features could make the D16750 a useful camping companion.

Adata plans to release the D16750 power bank in August with silver, green, and blue color options. It'll sell on Amazon and Newegg for $60.

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