Corsair Lighting Pro Expansion Kit lets builders turn up the lights

Corsair's Lighting Node Pro gave builders the ability to drive the company's strips of individually-addressable RGB LEDs. While 40 LEDs in a system might be enough for some people, those looking to expand their PC disco party can now add more lights without buying a whole Node Pro kit. Corsair's RGB LED Lighting Pro Expansion Kit comes with four additional LED strips and extension cables to allow placement anywhere inside a standard-sized PC case.

Each of the four light strips has 10 individually-addressable RGB LEDs on a flexible backing that can magnetically attach to ferrous parts. The strips are compatible with Corsair's Lighting Node Pro lighting kit and Commander Pro lighting and thermal monitoring set, both of which work with the company's Link software.

Corsair backs the RGB LED Lighting Pro Expansion kit with a two-year warranty. The kit sells for $40 on Corsair's online store. The kit is listed for the same price at Amazon, but is currently out of stock. Prospective buyers that don't already have a Corsair Lighting Node Pro or fancier Commander Pro kit can pick up the Node Pro kit on sale today for $50.

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