Alphacool Eisblock HDX-2 and HDX-3 help M.2 SSDs beat the heat

In our experience, modern desktop M.2 SSDs rarely throttle under even the most strenuous real-world conditions, but that hasn't stopped PC component manufacturers from coming up with countless products to cool off storage devices. From SSDs factory-equipped with big red heatsinks, to motherboards with integrated M.2 coolers, to slabs of aluminum designed to be strapped to the back of an M.2 gumstick, builders have plenty of options to banish M.2 throttling if it's a concern. Alphacool is adding two more M.2 cooling products to the market with the Eisblock HDX-2 passive cooling kit and the Eisblock HDX-3 M.2 waterblock.

The HDX-2 kit is a PCIe 4x card with a 2280 M.2 slot on it. A pair of finned aluminum heatsinks form a shell around the card and the drive on board, and thermal pads transfer heat from the M.2 device to the shell. The riser card form factor could put the storage device further away from the CPU and heat-generating graphics cards, as well.

Alphacool's HDX-3 is a nod to its traditional customers that want to plumb every part of their PC into a custom open-loop water cooling system. The HDX-3 also uses a PCIe riser card as its foundation, but it trades away the finned aluminum for a waterblock with standard G-1/4 fittings. We're not convinced that NVMe SSDs need liquid cooling in desktop systems, but the option is available for water-cooling fanatics.

Alphacool's HDX-2 passive cooler costs $41 on the company's e-shop, and the waterblock-equipped HDX-3 will set buyers back $85.

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