GeForce 384.94 drivers bring a bevy of security fixes

As it turns out, owners of Nvidia graphics cards have greater reasons to update their drivers than just getting optimizations for ARK: Survival Evolved. Nvidia has released a security bulletin detailing multiple vulnerabilities in its display drivers, and advises users to update the software to version 384.94.

The problems were present in the kernel mode layer of the GPU display driver. Brought to Nvidia's attention by Andrei Lasu and Alastair Donaldson of Imperial College London, the vulnerabilities could be exploited to stop the drivers from working or to potentially gain access to user data. The bugs include a missing user permissions check, a null pointer dereference, and multiple problems in the handler for the DirectX DxgkDdiEscape interface. Google's Project Zero team brought to light some issues with Nvidia's usage of this interface back in February, noting that it was vulnerable to a variety of attacks.

The security issues affect Nvidia's drivers across all operating systems. For most users, fixes are already available. Owners of GeForce cards using Windows should grab driver version 384.94, released yesterday. Linux users probably already have the necessary fixes in place, as they were included as early as driver version 375.82 for some users, and in version 384.59 for others. Users of Nvidia's Quadro and Tesla products will have to hang tight, as Nvidia hasn't yet released a fixed driver for these cards. Whatever Nvidia product you might have, it's a good time to check what driver version you're using and update as needed.

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