Thermaltake Smart RGB PSUs dazzle budget builders

Not all that long ago, having a PC blinged out with RGB LEDs on every component was a privilege reserved for those with dosh to discard at will. Fortunately for light-pocketed fans of amazing technicolor PCs, Thermaltake is doing its best to festoon even low-end hardware with multi-colored points of light. The company's latest RGB LED-equipped power supplies are known simply as the Smart RGB series, and they come in 500 W, 600 W, and 700 W varieties.

At first glance, the Smart RGB units are entry-level ATX offerings. They bear the basic 80 Plus certification and come with fixed cabling. As a more upscale feature, these power supplies have an RGB LED-equipped 120-mm cooling fan. Users can configure the LED lighting across 15 different modes including "off." The unit will retain lighting settings after shutting down, too.

Despite the lack of modular cabling or other high-end features, Thermaltake's new babies are thoroughly modern. The overwhelming majority of each unit's capacity is on the single +12 V rail, and even the lowly 500 W unit gets a pair of 6+2-pin PCIe power connectors. Like any quality power supply, the Smart RGB units have active power factor correction, and are capable of auto-sensing the AC input voltage and switching frequency accordingly. There are also versions of all three units that only accept 230 V input.

Thermaltake didn't tell us how much these power supplies would cost, but we would be a little surprised if they weren't eminently affordable given their status as entry-level units. The company did say that it offers 5-year warranty coverage on the Smart RGB series.

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