Take your Pants for a Walk Day Shortbread

PC hardware and computing

  1. Origin PC EON17-SLX gaming laptop review @ Tom's Hardware
  2. AZIO Retro Classic mechanical keyboard review @ ThinkComputers
  3. Phanteks Evolv Shift case review @ TechPowerUp
  4. QNAP TS-453B quad-core multimedia NAS reviewed @ SmallNetBuilder
  5. Antec Mercury 240 AIO review @ KitGuru
  6. Acer Predator XB252Q high speed 240Hz G-Sync gaming monitor review @ HotHardware
  7. Blind test—RX Vega FreeSync vs. GTX 1080 Ti G-Sync @ HardOCP
  8. Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) vs. Apple iPad Pro (2017): best productivity tablet @ PC Perspective

Games and VR

  1. One man's two-year quest not to finish Final Fantasy VII @ Slashdot
  2. How would you play Dungeons & Dragons without dice? @ Quarter To Three
  3. PC Building Simulator booting up in autumn @ Rock Paper Shotgun (we should review this, right?)

Science, hacks, makers and gadgets

  1. DJ Humpback: whales remix their old songs @ New Atlas
  2. How to take pictures of PCBs @ Hack A Day (and, you know, stuff in general)
  3. NASA to chase eclipse in two retrofitted WB-57F jets @ New Atlas (it's not going to be practical for me to make the 8-hour drive to properly view this, I hope I don't regret it like I do not making it to the last Space Shuttle launch)

Tech news and culture

  1. Aboard the NS Savannah, America's first (and last) nuclear merchant ship @ ArsTechnica
  2. Roomba's next big step is selling maps of your home to the highest bidder @ Slashdot (oof)
  3. Google's machine learning algorithm gets human help in quest for fusion power @ New Atlas (I hear that fusion power is now just 20 years away)

Cheese, memes, and RGB LEDs

  1. Cedar Point's new restaurant is known for huge grilled cheese creations @ mlive.com
  2. Thousands of genes exchanged within microbial communities living on cheese @ phys.org
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