Cooler Master gives the MasterBox Lite 5 case an RGB makeover

Earlier this year Cooler Master (CM) debuted the MasterBox Lite 5, an attractive chassis with a very reasonable price tag. That case was a bit short on aesthetic extras, so CM is now is releasing the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB case, which keeps the same basic skeleton but adds a tempered glass side panel and gives users more customization options.

As its name suggests, the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB adds some lighting effects. Behind the case's high-gloss translucent front panel, CM includes three pre-installed 120-mm fans. To take advantage of the RGB LEDs on these fans, users will need a compatible motherboard from Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI. The company does include the necessary adapters in the box.

There are also two pieces of trim at the top and bottom of the front panel that can be swapped out as users prefer. CM includes black, red, and white pieces of trim in the box and provides 3D printing schematics so that users can make their own. Looking to the side of the case, CM replaced the acrylic side panel that shipped with the MasterBox Lite 5 with a sheet of actual tempered glass.

In addition to the three fans up front, the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB also has one 120-mm spinner installed in the rear. There's room for liquid cooling radiators in the front and the rear, though the front radiators will have to be 50 mm or thinner (without fans) in order to fit. The case includes dust filters on the front and the bottom.

Seeing as the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB is an ATX case, there's plenty of room inside for large components. Graphics cards up to 400 mm long (16") can fit, as can CPU coolers up to 160 mm tall. Some of that space was made available by the omission of a 5.25" drive bay slot. Two 3.5" or 2.5" drives can fit underneath the included PSU shroud, and there's another mount for a 2.5" SSD.

Cooler Master hasn't put a release date on the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB, nor has it announced a price tag. Given that the current MasterBox Lite goes for $50, we don't expect the RGB model to stray too far from that amount.

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