Toshiba puts 64-layer flash to work in the TR200 SSDs

At the end of May, Toshiba introduced the OEM-focused XG5 NVMe SSD, the company's first product based on its own 64-layer BiCS 3D flash memory—a technology announced in July of 2016. Now, the Japanese manufacturer is introducing the TR200-series SATA SSDs, the first retail product with 64-layer 3D TLC NAND flash onboard. The drives will be available in 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 GB capacities.

The TR200 drives all sport a SATA interface, so they should work with a wide range of existing PCs and other machines. The peak 550 MB/s read 525 MB/s write performance is about as fast as one can expect from a SATA drive, though it pales in comparison to the fastest NVMe devices. Toshiba touts random read performance at up to 80,000 IOPS and write performance of up to 87,000 IOPS. The company didn't break out performance specifications for individual models, so we suspect the lower-capacity drives probably won't be able to reach those heights.

The company will show off the TR200-series SSDs at the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conferance in Shanghai at the end of the month. Retail drives are expected to land on store shelves some time in the Fall. No pricing information was provided, but given the competitive SATA SSD market, we expect these drives to be competitive with similar models from other manufacturers. We also predict the announcement of a similar OCZ-branded model in the near future.

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