Rosewill Neon peripherals shine upon the world

Rosewill is a fairly well-known name among PC hardware enthusiasts. The company's keyboards are generally well-regarded (among the TR crowd in particular) thanks for their competitive pricing and "just-what-you-need" feature set. The RGB LED bandwagon is going full spead ahead, so it's only fitting that Rosewill expands its rainbow-lit offerings. Meet Rosewill's Neon family of peripherals.

The first and flashiest entry is the Neon K51 keyboard. This technicolor slab o' buttons is built with hybrid switches, meaning they use rubber dome switches with what appear to be Cherry MX-compatible keycap stems. The board itself is fairly trim with little wasted space beyond the floating keys themselves.

The integrated RGB LED lighting can be configured with multiple effects and colors across six zones. All that configuration can be done using only keypresses, too, which is a nice touch. There's also a Windows key lock for the more ham-handed gerbils and a detachable, generous palm rest.

As companions to the keyboard above, Rosewill prepped up two rodents. The Neon M57 is the more affordable model, but by no means cheap in features. It packs an Avago 3050 optical sensor capable of tracking up to 4000 DPI, six independent buttons, and four RGB LED backlight modes. The mouse's main body is matte plastic with a rubberized side grip.

The higher-end mouse is the Neon M55. This mouse seems to have a more elongated shape than the M57 above, but comes with an upgraded optical sensor with tracking up to 6000 DPI. Both models include a 6' cord, enough to reach most any floor-standing PC.

Rosewill sells the Neon K51 in black or a rather fetching white finish for a very affordable $40 at Newegg. Meanwhile, the Neon M57 mouse goes for $40, and its marginally-bigger brother will set you back $50.

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