Modern Warfare Remastered gets a stand-alone Steam release

Counter-Strike came along at the right time to serve a a fresh audience of young players thirsty for a more realistic experience than FPS games to date had offered. Its perfect blend of realistic weapons and locales with arcade shooting gameplay was immensely popular. Infinity Ward learned well the lessons of Counter-Strike when it created Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That game was an unbelievable success among a second generation of gamers eager to take the skills they'd honed in Halo into a more realistic setting. Activision bundled a remake of the game with the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, and promised it would be released separately at a later date. That day is today.

Unfortunately, you may want to hold off on snatching up the $40 remake. The reviews on Steam for the remastered classic are "Mostly Negative," and positive reviews make up just 35% of the 346 judgements. The complaints seem to be pretty varied, yet there are a few recurring themes. Poor performance is a major complaint, as is the game's wonky input handling. Other popular protestations include laggy multiplayer servers often clogged with cheaters, along with poor frame pacing on both Nvidia and AMD graphics.

It's a shame that the release of a much-loved classic ended up this way, but it's all the more frustrating considering that all of these issues have persisted since the game's original release in tandem with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare some eight months ago. Activision doesn't seem to have addressed any of the issues with the game in the interim. What players are left with is a title of questionable value, particularly compared to the still-completely-functional original release. Some reviewers go so far as to recommend prospective purchasers to just buy the old version, which has 91% positive reviews on Steam.

If you've never played Call of Duty 4, go right ahead, as it remains an interesting game besides being a piece of history. Modern Warfare was such a runaway success that its influence is still evident on the market even today. Whichever version you choose, we recommend you to give it a shot. The original game is $20 on Steam, or you can pick up the Remastered edition for $40. Alternatively, you can pick up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition (including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered) for $50 on sale—that's 38% off the regular price of $80.

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