1. VIAHardware has a new PCI latency patch driver for VIA chipsets
  2. Warp2Search reports that ATI Customer Service responds to game issues
  3. PROM reports that UMC will begin volume production of Durons in Q2 (thanks Mark Schrader)
  4. A Guru's World: nearly 20 years seems like such a long time (opinion)
  5. Computer Source and Futurelooks have holiday gift guides

  1. Asus releases P4B266 i845D motherboard
  2. HotHardware reviews MSI 845Ultra & DFI NB70-SC i845D
  3. techhard has Intel i845D motherboards roundup
  4. reviews Pogo Linux Altura Athlon XP 1800+ system
  5. Overclockers New Zealand reviews Abit KR7-RAID
  6. t-break reviews VIA P4XB
  7. 8Balls Hardware reviews MSI K7T Turbo Limited Edition
  8. Hexus reviews MSI 845 Pro2
  9. Processor Emporium reviews EPoX EP-8KHA+
  10. SocketA has the link to Asus A7V beta BIOS v1010-01A

  1. CDR-Info reviews CyQve RW8080A FireWire
    and DatOptic SpeedBurn24 CD-RW drives
  2. 3DSpotlight reviews Creative SB Audigy Player
  3. Gaming in 3D reviews Logitech Z-340 speakers
  4. RatedPC reviews Samsung Yepp YP-30S MP3 player
  5. Designtechnica's first look at Handspring Treo Communicator 180 & 180G
  6. CDR-Info reviews GBA FlashLink
Networking, cases, and cooling

  1. Icrontic has SMC wired and wireless LAN guide & review
  2. 3dGameMan on Glowire products
  3. AcidHardware reviews Lian-Li PC65 USB case
  4.'s ShotGun case mod
  5. 2FastCPU reviews Swiftech MCX462 heatsink
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