New Athlon Quake3 optimized DLL's

Brett "3 Fingers" Jacobs says that these new DLL's gave a 14% performance boost in Quake3 640x480 on his Athlon XP/KT266A/GF3 system. Grab them from here.
Instructions for installing the dll's:

Download and Unzip the above file and put *all* the files in the Quake3/baseq3 folder.
Then, double click the "dlset.bat"* (this creates an autoexec.cfg in the quake3/baseq3 folder that tells Quake3 to use the dll files). Then run quake3 normally.

*If you already have an autoexec.cfg in the quake3/baseq3 folder, you can omit the dllset.bat procedure and just add these lines to your autoexec.cfg:

seta blindlyloaddlls "1"
seta vm_ui "0"
seta vm_cgame "0"
seta vm_game "0"

If you want to remove the dll's, you'll have to change these lines back in the q3config.cfg to the default because the autoexec.cfg will change them in the q3config.cfg because the q3config.cfg will mimic the autoexec.cfg. These are the default settings you should change them back to:

seta vm_cgame "2"
seta vm_game "2"
seta vm_ui "2"

Then, delete the "seta blindlyloaddlls 1" in the q3config.cfg or just change it to "0".

Or you can just make a backup of your q3config.cfg in the quake3/baseq3 folder before installing the dlls and go back to it if you want to remove the dll's and the commands needed to run the dll's.

Try at your own risk, naturally.
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