Lian Li DK-05 desk case goes electric

Lian Li seems to have the "PC desk" space pretty much all to itself, but that hasn't stopped the company from improving its products. Its latest PC desk-and-case is the DK-05. This model is made of aluminum and tempered glass, and combines electric height adjustment with the ability to contain two complete systems with minimal clutter.

The DK-05 can hold a pair of systems based on E-ATX motherboards. Each system can use pair of 2.5" devices and up to four 3.5" drives on top of whatever M.2 storage is held near and dear to the motherboard. Graphics cards as long as 14.1" (36 cm) can fit, as can power supplies up to 11" (28 cm) in length. There's a VR-ready front I/O cluster for each system, containing two USB 3.0 Type-A connectors, one USB Type-C port, audio jacks, an HDMI output, and a power button. All of that conectivity is topped off with a set of three dials for getting the balance of red, green, and blue internal lighting just right.

Lian Li didn't forget about cooling. The desk can accomodate a single 480-mm radiator and up to three 360-mm radiators, and comes supplied with twelve 120-mm fans. Buyers still cooling their CPUs the old-fashioned way can fit cooling towers as high as 6.3" (16 cm).

As one might expect, the surface area of a desk that can swallow a pair of E-ATX computers and all that water cooling hardware is large, measuring 94.5" wide and 30.7" deep (140 cm x 78 cm). The electric height adjustment can position the desktop anywhere from 27" to 46" (69 cm to 118 cm) from the floor, allowing DK-05 users to sit or stand while working.

Lian Li's DK-05 is backed by a one-year warranty. Newegg already has a product listing for the $2099 desk PC, though it's showing as out of stock at the time of writing.

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