Philips 326M6FJSB soothes your eyes with ambient lighting

Gamers are a picky bunch when it comes to displays, always on the lookout for a model that will bring their games to life for many years to come. Philips' new 326M6FJSB pulls together a number of features that gamers might find attractive and comes with a reasonable price tag.

As a 32" display, the 326M6FJSB will command a hefty chunk of users' desktop space. The IPS panel has a 2560x1440 native resolution. Its 5-ms response time and 60 Hz refresh rate are acceptable for gaming, if not as fast as some would like. Philips somewhat makes up for those limitations with the inclusion of FreeSync support and the panel's ability to display a wide color gamut. The company claims that the monitor covers 126% of the sRGB color space, allowing it to produce a wide range of vivid colors. The monitor has a DisplayPort connector, two HDMI 1.4 ports, and an old-school VGA port.

Philips also equipped the 326M6FJSB with its Ambiglow lighting. Similar to the Ambilight tech present in the brand's televisions since 2004, this system uses lighting behind the display that glows in coordination with the color and brightness of the image on the display. This type of ambient lighting can reduce eye strain and help users feel more immersed in movies and games.

The 326M6FJSB is available for sale now. Philips set the price for the 326M6FJSB at $380, but also arranged a promotional discount with Micro Center. Interested folks can get one shipped from Micro Center for just $300.

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