Noctua offers up a trio of big-booty heatsinks for Threadripper

In case you haven't heard, AMD's Ryzen Threadripper CPUs are huge. Enormous, even. The cause for their magnificent bigness is that they are formed from four silicon dies underneath that big plate of aluminum and nickel (even though only two are actually active.) That means the area of the Threadripper CPU that is generating heat is more spread-out than your typical desktop CPU, or even that of Intel's high-end parts. To address this issue, Noctua has created special Threadripper-specific editions of its NH-U9, NH-U12S, and NH-U14S CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

Noctua's new coolers are pragmatically-named: the company simply affixes "TR4-SP3" to the end, giving us the NH-U9S TR4-SP3, NH-U12S TR4-SP3, and NH-U14 TR4-SP3. For the most part, these are the same 92-mm, 120-mm, and 140-mm tower coolers we know and love from Noctua. However, the Austrian company says that the baseplates of the new coolers—that is, the copper contact surfaces below the fin stack—are more than twice the size of the standard models.

Noctua NH-U12S TR4-SP3

Those beefed-up baseplates are sufficiently spacious to cover the entire Threadripper heat-spreader, and that means the maximum thermal transfer from CPU socket to CPU cooler. Thanks to the valiant CPU-murdering sacrifice of pro overclocker der8auer, we know that Threadripper CPUs will have their heat-spreaders soldered down. Given the 180W TDP of the top-tier Threadripper chips, that means there will be plenty of heat to remove from the CPUs.

Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3

Despite the size, though, Noctua says the new coolers shouldn't cause clearance issues, even in multi-GPU systems that make use of the first PCIe slot. That's thanks to these coolers' new "SecuFirm2" mounting system. SecuFirm2 has provisions to allow builders to slightly offset the CPU cooler by 3 or 6mm to accomodate for devices that encroach on the CPU socket. SecuFirm2 is also also compatible with the rather similar SP3 socket used by AMD's EPYC server CPUs.

SecuFirm2 mounting adjustment

The mark-up over the standard models is surprisingly small: the NH-U9 TR4-SP3 and the NH-u12S TR4-SP3 will run $70, while the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 will set you back $80. Noctua says the customized coolers will begin shipping "shortly" and should be available at e-tail "towards the end of August."

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