Be a light jockey with Razer's Chroma HDK

Just as the monochrome LED has largely given way to its more advanced RGB descendent, strips of individually-addressable RGB LEDs are on the verge of sweeping across the horizon of PC hardware. Razer is making sure it can be the center of that disco party with its Chroma Hardware Development Kit (HDK).

The heart of the Chroma HDK is a control module that receives its marching orders over a micro-USB cable from Razer's Synapse or Chroma Studio software applications. The module can control four individually-addressable RGB LED strips with 16 LEDs per strip, for a grand total of 64 color-changing lights. The kit comes with two 20" (50 cm) LED strips and a pair of 11" (30 cm) ribbon-style extension cables.

The control module has multiple ways to get its electricity, allowing buyers to power the Chroma HDK whether it's inside a computer case or mounted externally as part of an RGB LED installation that extends to the user's computer desk.

The Chroma HDK with the control module, two individually-addressable LED strips, and a generous supply of cables will cost $80 when it goes on sale later this month. The expansion pack of two additional light strips will set buyers back another $29.

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