Sandisk Ultra 3D SSDs pack a punch at affordable prices

The various varieties of 3D NAND are quite a bit of a hot topic lately. Every NAND maker is set on stacking layers ever higher, and last May Toshiba spoke of 64-layer BiCS flash inching closer to production. That memory is now in an actual shipping product: Sandisk Ultra 3D solid-state drives.

We touched on these drives a while ago, so here's a brief recap: they come in capacities up to 2TB, in a 2.5" form factor with a SATA interface. The sequential I/O figures aren't going to knock the socks off NVMe drives, but they're pretty respectable for SATA offerings at 560 MB/s for reads and 530 MB/s for writes. The drives are pretty nimble in random I/O, too: 95K read IOPS and 81K write IOPS. The 250GB model has marginally slower performance figures, though not by much. Endurance ratings go as follows:

250 GB 500 GB 1TB 2TB
100 TBW 200 TBW 400 TBW 500 TBW

The tech specs are all solid, but the appeal for these drives is the pricing, particularly for the bigger models. The 250GB model goes for $100, and the 500GB version costs $165. The large 1TB drive will set you back $285, and the larger 2TB unit rings in at $549. Those are pretty aggressive prices considering these drives' performance at the top of the SATA drive rung. Sandisk offers three-year warranty coverage on the Ultra 3D SSDs.

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