Cougar Immersa Pro puts a twist on volume controls

Cougar's making a name for itself in the gaming gear arena. After showing off a nifty enclosure and a fancy PixArt 3360-equipped mouse, the hardware maker is now striking again with its Immersa Pro headset.

The Immersa Pro has an open-back design with 50-mm drivers inside generously-sized ear cups. As an added twist, the headset's outer rings serve double duty as microphone mute and volume controls, dispensing with the usual fiddly cable-attached knobs. A retractable, noise-cancelling condenser microphone has an LED light on the tip that will let you know at a glance if someone's hearing your barrage of curses after losing that match.

Surround sound virtualization comes courtesy of Xear software, and there's RGB LED lighting on tap. The headset connects using either 3.5-mm plugs or a USB port. Nominal analog impedance is set at 32Ω. A generous six-and-a-half-foot (2 m) braided cable should be plenty to go across any desk. The Cougar Immersa Pro is selling for $90, a reasonable price for a comfortable-looking headset with 50-mm drivers.

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    • Shobai
    • 2 years ago

    I wonder how resistant the knobs will be to inadvertently changing levels when picking them up, etc. The wireless headset I use has a slider recessed into the band and protected by the cup, but I still manage to bump it occasionally.

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