Toshiba PM5 and CM5 SSDs put 64-layer BiCS flash in servers

Heads up, enterprisey gerbils. Toshiba's putting its 64-layer 3D BiCS flash pretty much everywhere. Ahead of the Flash Memory Summit, the company is letting the world know that its PM5 and CM5 server SSDs put the latest NAND flash to good use.

The PM5 uses a SAS interface with four-port MultiLink SAS connectivity. Toshiba says this arrangement is an industry first and allows for the "fastest performance the market has seen from a SAS-based SSD," at 3350 MB/s for sequential reads and 2720 MB/s for writes. The figure for random read I/O is impressive, too, at 400 K read IOPS. Available capacities for this model range from 400 GB up to 30.72 TB. The PM5 also has support for multi-stream writes, a scheme that arranges related data together in NAND flash blocks to ease the effects of write amplification over a drive's lifetime.

Naturally, there's an NVMe option. The CM5 SSD takes random I/O to another level: 800 K read IOPs and 240 K write IOPs for the variant that can withstand five drive writes per day (DWPD). Toshiba says the CM5s have support for Persistent Memory Region, a feature that's somewhat analogous to NV-DIMMs. Maximum power draw is only 18W, and the drives are available in capacities from 800 GB to 15.36 TB.

Both the PM5s and CM5s will be available in variants capable of dealing with one, three, or five DWPD. There's a PM5 model that can do 10 DWPD, too. According to Toshiba, the drives are "sampling to select OEM customers" and will be on display at the Flash Memory Summit.

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    • CuttinHobo
    • 2 years ago

    If only my NAS had SAS or even m.2, these would be perfect for my cat videos. 🙁

      • SecretSquirrel
      • 2 years ago

      One of my storage servers has a SAS capable backplane in it. Wonder how much 16 of the 30TB drives would run? The RAID controller would give up well before I came close to the IO limits of the drives. 420TB of usable space… I don’t think my daughter needs her college fund.

        • CuttinHobo
        • 2 years ago

        College, schmollege. Papa needs a new server!

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