Rumor: Core i3-8350K and Core i3-8100 CPUs pop up

When we talked up the rumors about Coffee Lake CPUs last week, there was a remark about a claimed "Core i3-8300"—a would-be quad-core, 65W CPU part. At the time we didn't report on it, since the PCEva forum poster himself said the information was shaky. However, today a poster on the massive Chinese forum posted the image below describing purported Core i3-8350K and Core i3-8100 CPUs. Although the table looks fairly complete, we have no way to judge its legitimacy or origin, so take it with as many grains of salt as your blood sodium level will tolerate.

The rumored CPUs are supposedly quad-core units without Hyper-Threading—a combination that would be a first for Intel's Core i3 line. However, these chips are similar to existing Core i3 CPUs in that they also lack Turbo Boost support.

It's hard to imagine the lack of Turbo Boost being a major concern for these CPUs, though. Even the alleged Core i3-8100 is listed with a 3.6 GHz base frequency, and the overclockable Core i3-8350K would run at 4 GHz. If the info is solid, that CPU would be in rarefied territory so far occupied only by a handful of other K-suffix units. The Core i3-8350K also supposedly has a full 8MB of L3 cache, which would make it unique not only among Core i3s but also among quad-core CPUs without Hyper-Threading. Meanwhile, the Core i3-8100 is listed as having 6MB of cache like many past Core i5 CPUs.

Everything else in the table is more-or-less believable. The claimed 65W TDP of the Core i3-8100 is higher than the TDPs on past Core i3 CPU, but not out of line for a 3.6 GHz quad-core CPU. Likewise, the 91W TDP of the Core i3-8350K is pretty high, but again reasonable for a 4 GHz quad-core unit—especially an overclockable one. Notably, both of these CPUs are listed as having ECC support. Some existing Core i3s support ECC memory, but the overclockable Core i3-7350K does not.

Overall, these rumored CPUs would look a lot more like what we'd expect from Core i5s than Core i3s. If these rumors pan out, that leaves us wondering what the Coffee Lake Core i5 lineup will end up looking like. Given the rumors we've collected about upcoming hexa-core Core i7s, it's possible the Core i5s will end up being four-core, eight-thread CPUs like the Core i7s of today, or even six-core, six-thread units. At any rate, it's not going to be long until we know more, seeing as Intel's set to debut its 8th-generation Core CPUs on August 21.

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