Lazy Day Shortbread

PC hardware and computing

  1. MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK motherboard preview @ PC Perspective
  2. SilverStone ST45SF V3 SFX 450W PSU review @ Tom's Hardware
  3. Custom DIY Mount for Threadripper water cooling @ HardOCP
  4. PrimoChill Praxis WetBench review  @ Guru3D
  5. Fractal Design Meshify C review @ bit-tech

Games and VR

  1. Neurable ushers in age of hands-free gaming with brain-controlled VR @ New Atlas
  2. Jeff Bridges wants Tron 3 to be a VR movie @ UploadVR
  3. This ARKit app locates items in a supermarket for you @ UploadVR (quite a number of years back, I had the same idea for navigating amusement parks, surely that's SOP by now?)

Science, hacks, makers and gadgets

  1. New propulsion system gets CubeSats moving with teaspoons of water @ New Atlas
  2. Autonomous cars could be bamboozled by stickers on street signs @ New Atlas
  3. Eclipse Megamovie: thousands of cameras for citizen science @ Hack A Day (I'd totally help with this if it weren't for my Windows Phone complex)

Cheese, memes, and RGB LEDs

  1. Would you eat it? Mac & Cheese Bun Burger @
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