Enermax Liqtech TR4 CLCs go wide for Threadripper

AMD's new Socket TR4 CPUs are mammoth microprocessors that might not be adequately cooled by a lot of existing hardware, even assuming you can mount your present heatsink or liquid cooler atop them. For that reason, companies are bringing out Threadripper-specific cooling hardware, and next up on the list is Enermax. The company just announced the Liqtech TR4 all-in-one liquid cooler series, specifically offering huge baseplates that Enermax claims will cover the entire Threadripper integrated heatspreader.

Because of those enormous 3" x 3.2" (7.6 cm x 8.2 cm) baseplates, these coolers won't work on anything else besides Threadripper. The Liqtech TR4 comes in variants with 240-mm and 360-mm radiators. Enermax says the 360-mm unit should be able to dissipate over 500W of heat, which should probably do the job for all but the most die-hard Threadripper overclockers.

According to Enermax, the coolers perform so well thanks to their high-flow pump capable of pushing up to 450 L/h, as well as a technology called "SCT" that the company says prevents the formation of a boundary layer inside the block. The size of that massive waterblock likely helps with heat transfer, too. Enermax says the Liqtech TR4 has a custom mounting kit crafted specifically for Socket TR4. The company also says the coolers will be available later this month, although pricing is a mystery until then.

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