Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB liquid coolers pump up the colors

Whatever opinion one may have about Thermaltake's gear, one must admire the company's agility in adapting its product lines to suit the fickle tastes of gamers and syle-obsessed PC enthusiasts. The company's latest display of adaptability is the Floe Riing RGB series of all-in-one liquid coolers, available with 240-mm, 280-mm, and 360-mm radiators. Thermaltake says these are the first AIO liquid coolers on the market with RGB LEDs embedded in the pump block and the radiator fans.

The water block assembly has a copper baseplate and sparkles with light cast by six individually-addressable RGB LEDs. Coolant flows through reinforced sleeved tubing to a high-efficiency radiator in the buyer's choice of three previously-mentioned jumbo sizes. The radiator is topped off with two or three of Thermaltake's Riing Plus RGB fans, each containing 12 individually-addressable color-changing diodes. The box also contains a RGB LED controller that can lord over up to five devices. Buyers can daisy-chain as many as 16 of those control boxes.

Users can control the light show using Thermaltake's Riing Plus RGB Windows software. Lovers of fruit-flavored computers can still get their RGB on using the companion Riing Plus RGB app for Android and iOS devices. The software tools can coordinate the lights, alter fan speeds, and monitor coolant temperature. The usual array of lighting effects is available, as are modes that react to music and temperature status.

The Floe Riing RGB coolers are compatible with every modern Intel socket since LGA 1366, including the spanking-new LGA 2066. On the AMD side, all of the AMx and FMx sockets are on the compatibility list, except the Atom-class AM1. Thermaltake doesn't say if the Floe Riing RGB coolers will work with Ryzen Threadripper, but since the cooler looks like an Asetek CLC-based product, there's a chance it'll fit with the retention bracket included inside Threadripper's bulky retail box.

Newegg has product pages up for all three of Thermaltake's Floe Riing RGB AIO coolers, though they're currently showing as out of stock. The 240-mm model is listed for $160, the 280-mm unit costs $170, and the three-fan 360-mm kit riings in (heh) at $200.

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