G.Skill Flare X Threadripper kits go up to 128 GB or 3600 MT/s

If you're reading this site, you're surely aware that AMD's Ryzen Threadripper many-core CPUs launched this morning. AMD's new chips have four memory channels, and that means to get the best performance you need to install memory four DIMMs at a time. Ryzen is famously picky about memory at high speeds, but never fear—G.Skill is here with new Flare X-series quad-channel kits specifically for Threadripper.

G.Skill's new kits run the gamut of speeds and capacities. Folks who fancy the finest DDR4 performance can fit four 8 GB modules running at 3600 MT/s for a total of 32 GB of memory. Alternatively, if you're doing serious work on your high-end desktop, slot in 128 GB of RAM at 2933 MT/s. The company also has DDR4 kits that support a low CAS latency of just 14 cycles at 3200 MT/s for the low-latency fanatics.

All of the new RAM is built using the now-somewhat-legendary Samsung B-die DRAMs that seem to work best with Ryzen. G.Skill says it also tests the RAM itself to ensure maximum compatibility. All of these kits require a relatively high input voltage of 1.35 V, although that's not unusual for speedy RAM. G.Skill didn't tell us when the new memory would be available or how much it would cost, but given that it's meant for the now-released Threadripper CPUs, we'd expect to see it soon.

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