Radeon RX Vega availability check: not ready for harvest

Well, for everyone who's been waiting for Vega—yours truly included—today's the day. The cards are out, and it's time to put up or shut up. The thing is, there doesn't seem to be anything to put up for. Our pals over at Newegg have no less than fifteen listings for the new graphics cards: one for each Vega 64 model (black air-cooled, silver air-cooled, and liquid-cooled) from manufacturers Gigabyte, MSI, Powercolor, XFX, and Sapphire. However, at this time, all the cards are displayed as being sold out.

We checked around, and the only other web shops with listings for RX Vega cards are Best Buy, which is carrying XFX's range, and NCIX US and its selection of back-ordered Sapphire cards. Meanwhile, Fry's Electronics, OutletPC, SuperBiiz, and even Amazon are bereft of listings for the new video cards. Altogether, these data points would indicate that we've simply been too quick on the draw. It's likely the listings are less "sold out" and "back ordered" and more akin to "newly listed."

Hopefully we see the cards come into stock and stay that way. Anyone who follows the PC hardware scene knows that speedy Radeons have been hard to come by for a while now, and the most common explanation is that crypto-currency miners have bought up the stock. Radeon RX Vega was rumored to perform exceptionally well on that sort of workload, so it may be difficult to find the cards in stock even after listings have filled out at the web shops. Some cards are already showing up on eBay, like this listing for a Radeon RX Vega 64 for $1500. At that price, you might as well pick up a Frontier Edition model.

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