SteelSeries's new QX2 switches debut on the Apex M750 keyboard

Time was when Cherry MXs were just about the only game in town for mechanical keyboard switches. However, with the recent explosion of gaming peripherals, mechanical keyboards of all kinds have flooded the market packing all sorts of new switch types. The latest keyboard from SteelSeries is the Apex M750, and it features the company's new in-house-developed switches and per-key RGB LED lighting.

The Apex M750 is equipped with the SteelSeries QX2 mechanical switches. These switches have a 2-mm actuation point and 4 mm of total travel, in a similar fashion to most Cherry MX offerings. They should feel light under users' fingers, as they have linear actuation and require a light 45 cN force to depress. SteelSeries calls them "whisper-quiet," and rates their durability at 50 million keypresses. The switches sit on a recessed aluminum plate that shows off their base. This design serves the practical purpose of allowing for easy cleaning, and the aesthetic objective of showing off the LED lighting.

Updates to the SteelSeries Engine Apps give these LEDs a few new tricks. The software now integrates with the Discord chat app, and can be configured to give users real-time chat notifications through keyboard lighting effects. SteelSeries' software will also convert any animated GIF into a customized effect, and sync up the keyboard lighting effects with music. The Apex M750 is available for sale now at SteelSeries's website, and will set folks back $140.

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