Win2K out? No, but a Win2K virus is

How's that for a trip? Here's the article that covers the situation. Apparently the original virus (called Win2000.Install) and two variants have been found. The article states that the viruses haven't been found "in the wild" yet, though I don't know why that's surprising since Windows 2000 isn't out for another month or so.

Fortunately, the virus is simply a concept virus that delivers no actual payload. It does however target the Windows 2000 operating system specifically, and will not affect other Windows operating systems, it seems. Although the virus causes no intentional damage, it may crash the OS if it fails to replicate properly. Additionally, Vincent Weafer, director of Symantec's Anti-Virus Research Center, points out that others may look at how this concept virus was executed and use it as a springboard for viruses that are designed to do damage.

Interestingly, Weafer also says that the virus hides itself from the new Windows 2000 security features Microsoft is so proud of. My personal favorite from the article is a quote from a Microsoft spokeswoman who sounds like a complete hippie: "In the world we live in, not everyone is good and nice and we should be happy that this is nothing. It's not a threat..." Wow, man, that is like, so profound. Peace, brother.

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