Alphacool goes big with Eisbaer 420 AIO liquid cooler

AIO kit makes it easy to join the cool kids' liquid cooling club, but even a 360-mm radiator can't provide enough thermal dissipation for some scenarios. Alphacool is stepping up to meet demand for larger AIO radiators with its Eisbaer 420 kit, including (as one might guess) a 420-mm radiator and three of the company's Eiswind 140-mm high-static-pressure fans.

Like all of Alphacool's Eisbaer AIOs, the 420-mm version has an expandable design with standard G1/4 ports. The assembly containing the cold plate, water pump, and reservoir has a viewing window for monitoring the water level and an inlet for adding additional coolant over time. Alphacool says the copper radiator is the largest unit ever included in an AIO kit.

The compatibility list includes all Intel sockets with anywhere from 771 to 2066 pins. AMD's diminutive AM1 and gigantic TR4 sockets are not on the list, but the Eisbaer will fit every other AMD CPU going all the way back to Socket 754. The copper-bottomed block assembly measures 2.6" on each side and 2.7" tall (6.6 cm x 6.6 cm x 6.8 cm) and has a 4-pin power connector.

Alphacool's Eisbaer 420 CPU cooler is available now on the company's website for €145 (about $140 without tax). The company has also added a new 140-mm kit to the lineup that fits between the existing 120-mm and 240-mm units. The Eisbaer 140 kit is available directly from Alphacool for €98 ($95 excluding VAT). 

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