Dual chambers and glass meet in the Lian Li PC-Q39

If you've been eyeing Lian Li's dual-chambered tempered glass O Series cases but just don't have the room for one, you're in for a treat. The aluminum case aficionados have just announced the PC-Q39. Folks familiar with Lian Li's nomenclature will already know, but for the rest of you: this is a Mini-ITX take on the O Series concept.

The enclosure is actually quite large for a Mini-ITX offering, measuring 13.6" by 13.7" on the side, and 10" wide (25 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm). Those measurements are expected given the chassis' heritage. Like its forebears, the PC-Q39 is a dual-chamber case that's split vertically. The motherboard and expansion cards go under a tempered-glass panel on the left side of the case, and the power supply and storage devices—up to two 3.5" spinners and three 2.5" drives— go behind opaque aluminum on the right side of the case.

Given the size of the case (and despite its Mini-ITX form factor) it should then be no surprise that it can accomodate full-sized ATX power supplies, triple-slot graphics cards, and even a 240-mm liquid-cooling radiator. Alternatively, the radiator mount can take a pair of 120-mm fans, and another pair of 120-mm fans or a single 140-mm spinner can mount in the bottom of the case. All of the fan mounts are protected by removable magnetic filters, too.

Lian Li's already got the PC-Q39WX available for purchase. Hit up the fresh ovum if you want one. The case is going for $210.

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