Thermaltake View 71 flaunts its glass on all angles

Enthusiast PCs seem to be heading in two directions: systems packing gaming punch into as little volume as possible, or do-absolutely-anything bruisers with high-end processors and motherboards with more DIMM slots than some hillbillies have teeth. Thermaltake's View 71 chassis takes the latter approach and offers Threadripper and Core X buyers the ability to really flaunt their E-ATX mobos through a whopping four panels made from supercooled liquid.

The most obvious feature of the View 71 is the tempered-glass-heavy construction. The front and top panels are made from 5-mm-thick glass held in place with thumbscrews. Both side panels are also made from the same material, though they're secured using rear-mounted hinges for easier access to components. The chassis itself is made of steel, and Thermaltake touts its completely modular construction that permits builders to omit any racks or brackets they don't need.

The View 71 is a big mama-jamma at 23.3" tall, 10.8" wide, and 22.7" deep (59 cm x 27 cm x 58 cm) and weighing in at a gravity-altering 41.6 lbs (18.9 kg). That volume is not for naught, as the case will swallow up E-ATX motherboards and power supplies up to 8.6" (22 cm) long. If the hard drive rack is in place, the case can fit graphics card up to 12.2" long (31 cm), or 16.1" (41 cm) with the cage removed. As far as water cooling hardware goes, the View 71 can accommodate three mammoth 420-mm radiators and another 140-mm heat exchanger in the rear. For those still cooling their processors the old-fashioned way, CPU cooler clearance is listed at a generous 7.5" (19 cm).

The back of the motherboard tray has "hidden" drive mounts for three 3.5" drives or a whopping six 2.5" devices. I personally find humor in the notion that those locations are obscured from view given the amount of glass present in the View 71. A removable hard drive rack can ensconce another four 2.5" or 3.5" storage devices. The front panel has two USB 2.0 ports and a pair of USB 3.0 connectors for getting things on and off all of those storage devices, as there are no provisions for optical drives.

Thermaltake didn't provide any pricing or availability information for the View 71, but we expect it to be priced among the manufacturer's spendiest offerings. The company will offer two different takes on the chassis, one with a pair of blue-lit fans and another with three RGB LED fans.

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