HTC Vive price permanently drops to $599

Back when the Oculus Rift first hit Kickstarter, its promise of next-generation, high-quality VR for just $399 was enchanting. Of course, reality intervened and the final product ended up slightly more expensive than that at $600 when it launched three-and-a-half years later. That number eventually dropped to $400 in what we presume was a move to try and counter the Vive's popularity. HTC has now struck back and announced a $200 price drop for the full Vive kit, bringing it down to $599.

In case this is all news to you, the Vive package includes the headset, two "lighthouse" motion trackers, and two motion-sensitive hand controllers. When the Vive launched, we concurred with the general opinion of the web that it delivered on the promise of VR better than its competitors. This isn't the first time the Vive's gotten cheaper, though it looks like the current price cut is permanent.

We could blandly say "it's a good time to get into VR," but the truth is that the software library available to headset owners has been growing in size and quality for a while now. There are a number of big VR titles coming soon, too. Bethesda is bringing practically all of its largest releases to VR platforms, including Fallout 4 and Doom. A number of really intriguing indie titles is on the way, like Gattai Games' Stifled and the 4-player co-op Dungeons & Treasure VR. Both Newegg and Amazon are currently all sold out, so hit up the Vive Store if you want to grab a kit.

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