HP Omen X laptop is overclockable and overpowered

HP's showing off its first high-end laptop with Omen X branding at Gamescom, and it looks like a pretty serious piece of kit. The new Omen X laptop comes with a 17" display with either 3840x2160 resolution, or a 1920x1080 panel refreshing at 120 Hz. The screen's hooked up to a graphics card up to a GeForce GTX 1080, fed by an unlocked Core i7 CPU.

The hardware is all reasonably common in the high-end gaming laptop arena, but HP has another trick up its sleeve. The company claims that the Omen X is the company's first overclockable laptop—the CPU, graphics card, and RAM can all be pushed over their stock speeds. HP offers "tested profiles" for DDR4 memory up to 2800 MT/s, as well as configurations with pre-overclocked graphics cards.

One of the big complaints that enthusiasts make about laptops is that they're a pain to work in. HP assures buyers that the Omen X will have no such follies. Its bottom panel is translucent, allowing owners to see through to the storage and RAM within. Popping off that bottom panel allows easy access to said components. HP will sell you the Omen X Laptop with either a combination of a PCIe SSD and hard drives up to 2TB, or a pair of SSDs in a RAID 0 setup.

The Omen X Laptop's gaming cred extends to its exterior, too. Like any piece of serious gamer hardware, it has customizable RGB LED accents, including the backlighting for the keyboard. Speaking of which, the keyboard offers mechanical switches with 2.5 mm of travel and N-key rollover. External ports include two Thunderbolt 3 connectors, an HDMI 2.0a port (with HDR support), a Mini DisplayPort, and a regular ol' Ethernet jack. There's a handful of USB 3.0 ports and a pair of 3.5-mm audio jacks, too.

You'll have to wait a bit if this is your dream laptop, though. HP says the Omen X Laptop will be available in November, and that it'll start at $2300. We suspect the version you'll want will probably cost a bit more.

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