Antec P8 chassis shows that an old dog can learn new tricks

Antec is one of the oldest PC enclosure manufacturers still around, but the 31-year-old company still has some new tricks. Exhibit A is the Performance One P8 chassis, an all-black steel-and-ABS-plastic case with mounts for three radiators, a full-length power supply shroud, and 2017's favorite feature, a tempered glass side panel.

The Performance One P8 can swallow motherboards up to ATX size and graphics cards up to 15.4" long (39 cm). Pack rats should be happy with mounts for four 2.5" drives and two locations that can fit 2.5" or 3.5" devices. Optical drives will be on the outside looking in because the P8 doesn't have any external drive bays. The conservative-looking front panel sports audio jacks and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

Cooling fanatics will appreciate the the front mount for a 360-mm radiator, the provision for a 240-mm heat exchanger in the top panel, and the spot for a 120-mm unit in the back panel. Neat freaks will like the fact that Antec includes dust filters for the holes in those three panels. Making room for all this cooling hardware means the case is fairly large, measuring 17.3" tall, 8.3" wide, and 18.5" deep (44 cm x 21 cm x 47 cm). Antec didn't say how much the P8 weighs, but steel and tempered glass are not exactly known for their lightness.

Antec's Performance One P8 case is available now on Newegg for $90 and comes with three white-LED-illuminated 120-mm fans.

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    • ronch
    • 2 years ago

    I swear, this simple, squarish glass side panel design has really caught on these days. Someone did it first and then practically everyone and their cat followed.

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