Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is flashy and customizable

Ever since a sizing misstep with the original Xbox "Duke" controller, Microsoft has done a pretty bang-up job in the controller hardware department. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers are ubiquitous in PC gaming, though some folks probably think they could perhaps use more RGB LEDs. Gamers don't have to suffer in darkness anymore, since Razer's Wolverine Ultimate gamepad packs RGB LED lighting and brings Razer's Synapse software from Windows onto the Xbox.

The Wolverine Ultimate works with both Xbox One and PC and includes all the hardware present on the standard console controller, including a four-pole 3.5-mm audio jack for connecting a headset. Razer's take on the concept packs extra customizable buttons, two interchangeable directional pads, and a range of swappable thumbsticks with different profiles and heights. The package also contains a carrying bag for the controller and the detachable 10' (3 m) cable. There's no specific mention of the word "wireless," so we assume the tether is required for the controller to work.

The 16.7 million colors of Razer's Chroma RGB lighting are controlled through the company's Synapse software, now available on Xbox One in addition to its usual home on Windows. Buyers will also use Synapse to configure the pair of remappable multi-function bumpers, four multi-function triggers, and quick control panel. The company also promises that the controller lighting will react to gameplay in select titles.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate gamepad will hit shelves next month for a doubletake-inducing $160, and supports PC and the Xbox One. The manufacturer offers one-year warranty coverage.

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