Radeon 17.8.2 drivers are primed for PUBG and Destiny 2

Along with a design tweak to its website, AMD has released the Radeon 17.8.2 beta drivers. As far as Radeon drivers are concerned, the "beta" label tends to mean they're not WHQL-certified. Nevertheless, this release is marked as recommended for Radeon RX Vega owners and labeled optional for everyone else. The big-ticket improvements this time around are specific performance boosts in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and F1 2017, as well as a vague mention of support for the Destiny 2 beta that's starting August 29.

Destiny 2

Game support aside, this release also fixes a pile of problems mostly pertaining to RX Vega cards. Microsoft Office should no longer experience display corruption on cards bearing the new GPUs, and the display should no longer go black (and not come back) during driver upgrades. Resetting your Radeon Settings configuration should correctly leave the "HBCC Memory Segment" feature disabled now. Wattman ought to correctly apply overclock settings on RX Vega cards, and Eyefinity setup should start working again.

The long cycle of bugs bashed and follies found continues, though. Current issues include a problem with mouse stuttering while GPU monitoring apps are running, including Wattman. There's a chance that Windows Media Player could crash if ReLive is running. Secondary displays might have corruption issues if the system resumes from sleep or hibernate while video is playing, and bezel compensation might not work properly in mixed-mode Eyefinity setups. Finally, GPU scaling may not work properly on DX11 games.

If Radeon Settings didn't ping you about the new release, you can always head to AMD's download page to pick it up. Here's a direct link to the Windows 10 64-bit version and the release notes.

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    • smilingcrow
    • 2 years ago

    Still no Windows 8.x support so this seems official now for RX Vega although they support older chips under 8.x and W7 for RX Vega.

      • mcarson09
      • 2 years ago

      Windows 8.1 runs much faster than windows 7 and you don’t have as much of the spyware that Windows 10 has. In windows 8.1 is easy to block the spyware with various programs or a host file fix. I enjoy Windows 8.1 to the point I won’t go back to windows 7. The improved CPU, memory, and usb performance makes it worth the upgrade. The difference between windows 8 and 8.1 is the later is setup from the start for desktop use.

      I wasn’t going to buy Vega anyways since I purchased a 1080 ti four months ago. Looking at peoples post in the forums of TPU and G3d AMD is having everyone be the guinea pig again when it comes to drivers. I’m willing to buy AMD/ATI cards when the are the highest performance, but not when they are middle of the road.

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