Dell's Visor VR118 is just what Soldier 76 ordered

If you looked carefully at the four headsets shown in the Windows Mixed Reality piece this morning, you might have noticed a tiny Dell logo on one of them. Along with XPS and Inspiron laptops with eighth-generation CPUs, Dell has announced the Visor VR118 headset at IFA 2017. This headset is Dell's first entry into the burgeoning head-mounted display market.

The Visor VR118 is designed to keep the weight of the device off of the user's face and nose—a primary user complaint about the HTC Vive. The front portion of the headset can flip upward to let users look at the real world without needing to remove the entire Visor. The display and power cables run along the ring that encircles the user's head and waterfall down the user's back, much like with other VR headsets we've seen.

Dell didn't offer a ton of technical details about the Visor, but we do know that the display has a total resolution of 2880x1440 and a 90 Hz refresh rate. That slots it firmly into the higher tier of Windows Mixed Reality devices. In fact, the Visor's display is a fair bit higher-resolution than the 2160x1200 array used in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Like those headsets, the Visor VR118 has a pair of motion-tracking controller available. Dell's controllers come with a touchpad, an analog stick, and several buttons for each hand. That makes them a sort of hybrid between Oculus' Touch controllers and the HTC Vive's "wand" controllers. 

Windows Mixed Reality headsets—including the Dell Visor—rely on HoloLens-style "inside out" visual motion tracking that obviates the need for external sensors. The Visor VR118's motion controllers appear to have visual motion tracking points on them, though Dell didn't elaborate on exactly how they work.

Dell says the Visor VR118 will be available in October 17 for $350. The pair of controllers will run you another $100, or you can buy the headset and controllers bundled for $450. That's a pretty long lead time before the launch, but the company says we'll hear more details about the VR118 (and presumably other Windows Mixed Reality headsets) at Microsoft's IFA keynote on September 1.

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