Fly low with the Sharkoon PureWriter TKL

It baffles me, but I frequently hear praise for laptop keyboards from irregular typists. It seems the short throw, narrow spacing, and low profile of laptop keys are a hit with a certain sort of user. If your tastes swing that way, have a look at Sharkoon's new PureWriter TKL. This tenkeyless keyboard has low-profile keycaps just over 6 mm in height and uses short-throw keyswitches from Kailh that actuate after only 1.5 mm of travel.

In that regard, then, the Kailh switches on this keyboard sound similar to Cherry's MX Speed switches. Sharkoon offers the PureWriter TKL with your choice of Blue or Red switches, both analogs to the Cherry offerings of the same names. That means the blue switches are noisy and clicky, while the red variant models are quiet and clickless. Sharkoon says it will also have a model with brown switches soon. Those switches should have a tactile bump but no click.

The PureWriter TKL ticks all the boxes for a modern mechanical keyboard. It supports a 1000-Hz polling rate, N-key rollover, and has a detachable cable. We're not crazy about the choice of a Micro-USB connector on the keyboard side, but Sharkoon does include two separate cables: one cable a bit over a foot and a half (50 cm) for use with laptops and other devices, and a five-foot cable (150 cm) for use with your desktop PC.

Regardless of which switch option you choose, you get blue LED backlighting with the PureWriter TKL. Single-color illumination might not be as exciting as RGB LED backlighting, but it has one major advantage: lower cost. Sharkoon passes on the savings to purchasers, as the asking price for the PureWriter TKL is just 70€ (about $83). You can already find the keyboard at that price at European retailers like, but it doesn't seem to have found its way to the 'States yet.

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