Q3A + SMP + Win2K + 3.68 = ???

Kenn over at the FiringSquad has a little write-up on how the new NVIDIA 3.68 Detonator video drivers fix crash problems with Quake III Arena’s SMP mode. SMP in Q3 works fine in Windows NT4, but has been crash prone in a bad way in Windows 2000.

My experience has been rather different from Kenn’s, because turning on SMP mode in Q3 under Windows 2000 still crashes my machine with some consistency. Of course, I’m running the “3.69” drivers for Windows 2000 leaked to the world on sites like BetaOS. I don’t see 3.68 drivers for Windows 2000 on NVIDIA web or FTP sites. Anybody else out there have any luck with this stuff?

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