Asus MX32VQ and MX38VC displays cater to the fashion crowd

We techies tend to get excited about displays touting super-high refresh rates, but the market for thin, stylish panels with lots of pixels is quite a bit larger. Asus is courting the fashion-forward crowd with its Designo Curve MX32VQ and MX38VC monitors. Both models have curved panels, a Qi wireless charger in the stand, and integrated Harman Kardon-designed speakers with Bluetooth capability. That should let space-starved buyers charge their smartphones on the display while they play music on its speakers. The base also includes color-shifting lighting that reacts to the sound output.

MX38VC ultra-wide

The MX32VQ is built around a curved 31.5" 16:9 panel with a resolution of 2560×1440, while the MX38VC is centered about a larger 37.5" curved panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 3840×1600. Asus didn't say what kind of panels are used in the two new monitors, though displays in the Designo range tend to be IPS models.

Asus says that both models support GamePlus and Adaptive-Sync technologies. We imagine Adaptive-Sync refers to an implementation of the VESA Adaptive Sync technology, more commonly known as FreeSync. The company didn't detail these displays' response time or refresh rate ranges, though.


eTeknix expects that the Designo Curve MX32VQ will retail for €550 (about $650) and that the MX38VC will cost a more substantial €1600 (around $1920). The site didn't say whether these figures include VAT or when to expect the monitors to hit store shelves.

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    • tay
    • 2 years ago

    The 34″ UQHD Designo uses a VA panel with a 100 Hz rate. There are widespread reports of smearing on all 34″ 100Hz VA panels. It’s pretty cheap around $750 though.

      • DPete27
      • 2 years ago

      Conversely the MX32VQ seems to share all the same characteristics of the new Samsung C32HG70 which has a 144Hz refresh rate and similar price.

      I believe Samsung is the sole manufacturer of all VA panels, aren’t they?

        • Vaughn
        • 2 years ago

        Don’t care for 2 watt garbage speakers they put in these monitors other than that they are pretty sexy.

        • Chrispy_
        • 2 years ago

        Nope, AUO make AMVA panels (true VA, not to be confused with AHVA which is an IPS ripoff).

        Arguably, AUO’s VA panels are better than Samsungs, and my own Samsung monitor uses an AUO panel.

        Edit – the clarify, the 144Hz Samsung 4ms panel in my Acer Z1 is smeary at any refresh rate. The 60Hz AUO panel in my Samsung SD850 does not suffer from smearing. In fact, I need pursuit camera tests to even detect the smearing at all. It’s a shame I can only clock it to 72Hz and there’s no VRR.

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