Asus enhances ROG Horus GK2000 keyboard with RGB blinkenlights

Some people have an obsessive need for all of their hardware to match aesthetically. Got the latest ROG motherboard? Gotta have the top-tier ROG graphics card, monitor, soundcard, and router. Asus introduced the Republic of Gamers Horus GK2000 keyboard early last year, but—shame of shames—its LED lighting was single-color. The company has rectified this grave error, and now offers a version of the Horus GK2000 with RGB LED backlighting.

Naturally, you can use Asus' Aura Sync software to coordinate the colored lights on the new keyboard with the rest of your Aura-compatible gear. Besides the new lighting, this premium keyboard is almost identical to the previous version. That means it's built out of machined aluminum and uses Cherry MX Red switches under each key.

An analog volume roller rests above the numeric keypad, while five dedicated macro keys sit on the left edge of the keyboard. In case those macro keys aren't enough, the whole keyboard is fully programmable. Asus doubled the onboard storage for the RGB model, allowing users to save ten full-keyboard macro sets. The Horus GK2000's has a built-in USB hub and audio jacks, both useful features not always found in gaming keyboards. Asus notes that you can use the USB ports to charge your phone, and the keyboard actually includes a detachable phone stand.

If the Horus GK2000 RGB looks like the gaming keyboard you've been waiting for, Asus says it should be available any minute now for $200.

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    • ermo
    • 2 years ago

    [url=<]Blinkenlights?[/url<]? F1rst and foremost, it needs to support Haiku, the modern OSS reimplementation of BeOS.

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