Radeon 17.9.1 driver kills bugs dead

As we close the curtains on the first week of September, AMD delivers the month's first Radeon driver update. Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.1 seems to exclusively be a bugfix release, as the company isn't trumpeting support for any new game releases or hardware features. Instead, the fixed issues list counts down eight smushed bugs.

Titanfall 2

Perhaps most notably, Microsoft Office and its relatives should no longer suffer display corruption on Radeon cards. Radeon ReLive ought to work properly in Guild Wars 2 now. The Radeon Settings app shouldn't hang or crash when you click on the Displays tab, and its installer should scale to the correct size on 4K HDTVs.

That mouse stuttering bug caused by Radeon Wattman and other GPU monitoring apps (a flaw that we reported on before) should be resolved now. Giant mecha shooter Titanfall 2 should stop crashing on older Radeons, and Chinese martial arts MMO Moonlight Blade should launch correctly now. Finally, Radeon RX Vega cards should no longer hang a system when playing video after the system's resumed from sleep.

A few issues hang around, of course. Radeon Software might show a harmless "1603 Error" during installation. Radeon Wattman might not correctly restore default settings after an overclocking failure. Overwatch could intermittently hang for some Radeon users, and GPU scaling might not work correctly on DirectX 11 games.

If Radeon Settings didn't ping you about the new release, you can always head to AMD's download page to pick it up.

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