Rumor: European site leaks eighth-gen Core CPU prices and launch date

If the rumors about widespread increases in core counts in Intel's eighth-generation Core processors turn out to be correct, the launch of the new chips figures to be one of the company's most exciting launches in several years. Now, Finnish technology website iO-Tech claims to have gotten its hands on a price list for the three models most eagerly anticipated among enthusiasts: the four-core, four-thread Core i3-8350K, the six-core, six-thread Core i5-8600K, and the range-topping six-core, 12-thread Core i7-8700K. Furthermore, the site says that the new chips will be available worldwide on October 5.

The larger news here is the rumored release date in October, about nine months after the launch of Kaby Lake and the accompanying 200-series chipsets on the desktop in January of this year. The short interval between launches suggests that Intel might be feeling pressure from AMD's Ryzen-led resurgence. iO-Tech also echoes earlier rumors that the eighth-generation Core chips will require new motherboards with 300-series chipsets.

Model Seventh-gen
launch price
Rumored eighth-gen
launch price
launch price
EUR USD (exc. VAT)
i3-x350K $168 €199 $199 +19%
i5-x600K $239 €299 $299 +25%
i7-x700K $349 €419 $420 +20%

The launch prices of numerically-comparable chips appear to have increased by 19% to 25% depending on model, though Intel's per-region pricing isn't always a simple currency conversion. We reported about a similar price leak at a Canadian e-tailer just a couple of weeks ago. The leaked Canadian pricing also suggested price increases, though their magnitude was smaller.

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