Philips 492P8 display is double-wide and extra-large

The only way a monitor can provide more immersion than an ultrawide panel is if it's ultrawide and really big. Philips' 492P8 is wider-than-ultrawide, and its 49" diagonal measurement is sure to warp the sense of scale in any room. Anandtech took a minute to check out the monitor at the IFA show that just wrapped up in Berlin.

The 492P8 is built around a 49" VA panel with 1800R curvature, a 32:9 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 3840x1080. Depending on whether one is an optimist or a pessimist, that's either double the resolution of a Full HD display or half that of a 4K panel. Either way, the display's brightness is specified at a sizzling 600 cd/m², the contrast at an impressive 5000:1, and the viewing angles are reported to be 178°. The resolution and screen area of the big screen are comparable to running a pair of 27" 1920x1080 monitors next to each other. 

The monitor sports one DisplayPort, a VGA input, a pair of HDMI jacks, and a USB Type-C connector. The Type-C port also supplies a connection for a pair of USB Type-A ports and a Gigabit Ethernet jack, and can also charge an attached laptop computer. The display also has a pair of 3.5-mm jacks for audio input and output.

Philips' 492P8 is missing some of the keywords gamers look for like high refresh rates, fancy backlighting, and adaptive refresh technology. The upside is that the price will be €899 (about $1080) when the display comes to market in the second quarter of 2018. Samsung's recently-released CHG90 has a similarly-sized panel, but costs $1500 at Amazon and Newegg.

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