HP Z8, Z6, and Z4 workstations put Xeon Scalable CPUs to work

The trade shows never end. HP is in Amsterdam gearing up for the 2017 International Broadcasting Convention. The show doesn't actually start until tomorrow, but the company already revealed some of the goods it'll have on display: the new fourth-generation Z-series workstations. The new series is a complete revision from top to bottom, and the branding is getting a tweak too: the last-generation Z840, Z640, and Z440 are now the Z8 G4, Z6 G4, and Z4 G4.

HP Z8 G4 workstation

The Z8 G4 workstation is the largest of the three, and according to its maker it's "the most powerful desktop workstation on the planet." The machine can take in a pair of Xeon Scalable CPUs, up to 3 TB of main memory, 48 TB of storage, and up to three Quadro P6000 cards. The new Z6 G4 workstation is smaller than the massive Z8, but only slightly less powerful. It has the same CPU options available—up to a pair of 28-core Xeon Platinum chips—but it can "only" take 384 GB of memory and a mere 22 TB of storage.

HP Z6 G4 workstation

Both of those machines are based on the enormous LGA 3647 socket, but HP's best-selling workstations are apparently its Z4 series. The new Z4 G4 comes equipped with Intel's new Xeon W-series chips. These CPUs use the LGA 2066 socket and are reasonably close relatives of Intel's Core i9 offerings. HP says the Z4s can be outfitted with processors with up to 18 cores, 256 GB of memory, and 22 TB of storage. Graphics horsepower can scale up to a pair of Quadro P4000 cards.

HP Z4 G4 workstation

The G4 Z-machines join the Z1 all-in-one and Z2 mini-workstation as well as the Z VR backpack in HP's professional workstation family. HP says the Z8 and Z6 workstations will be available in October. The starting price for the Z8 workstations is set at $2,439, while the Z6 models go up from $1,919. Their smaller cousin, the Z4, will be available one month after in November starting at $1,239.

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    • specialworks
    • 2 years ago

    Did someone forget to get HP, the courier managed to drop the box on all four corners.

    but hey the panel gap is ventilation so… that’s …okay? maybe?
    its a bit try hard ‘hang with the cool kids’ a few years behind the curve on the externals… I think no one who is passionate about design works for HP, that is for sure.

    On the plus side, I spy a handle-of-sorts, and two USB-3.1 10Gbps Type C on the front…(for more money no doubt)

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